City of Angels

So i flew to L.A for a few days for some shoots with Ben from This Life. The week before was pretty hectic, had Fashion Week Sydney on from Monday-Friday then flew out Saturday morning. Had no more than 4 hours sleep a night and had to juggle shoots and office work in between being at fashion week.

Ended up packing my bags at 7am Saturday morning for a 10am flight and had nothing booked other than flights to L.A, New York and Vegas. Got to L.A after a long ass flight, booked a car and a hotel in Inglewood and pretty much crashed out until the next day.

Started our L.A health kick with vegetables covered with cheese and oil at Dennys.

This dude was off his head and was taking this wooden statue to dispose of because it had a bad omen. He said we had a good vibe though haha.

Balling in Inglewood haha..

Blue sky and palm tree’s..Thats why i love Cali..

Can never get clear pics of L.A, the light is way different and the city is always blanketed in smog.

                   I liked the light in the bathroom..Ben the photographer suddenly becomes a model

Junk food and beer.. Thats California

Pretty chilled for the first post in my L.A travel series. Bunch of skating shots at Venice beach, a Californian Kush adventure and shoots with Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon coming up next.