Good Fade Competition

On Tuesday Sept 8, the illest barbers in Sydney battled it out for the prestigious and highly contested title of “Best Fade in Town” 2015 at The Lord Gladstone.

A head to head elimination style comp, judged by some of the most respected figures in the barber community, as well as 2 Superstar international guest judges Bertus and Leen (Schorem Barbier (Holland) 

The three judges watched the entire process – observing hygiene, speed, proficiency with tools, and of course overall quality of fade.

It was a fast fade, an instant judgment, and the winner left with cash.

Congrats to Paulie from Fadez for taking out the win!


Shafeel “Shaf” Ali (Owner, Chifley Barber)

Bruce Hathcock (LA) (Owner, Legends the barbershop SYD)

Bertus and Leen (of Schorem Barbier (Holland) )

Hosted by :

Nacho Pop

Music by:

DJ Nick Toth


Representative from Culture Kingz

Representative from Fadez barber shop

Representative from Hawleywood

Wild Card



2 Blocks South


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