Juliet Moneke

Had the pleasure of shooting the new introductory line of designer leather cushions from designer Juliet Moneke.

Designed and handmade in Australia, these cushions are so bad ass. My favourites are the black leather with gold zips, step your cushion game up homies..

20150704-TRI_1422 20150704-TRI_1433 20150704-TRI_1447 20150704-TRI_1460 20150704-TRI_1465 20150704-TRI_1476 20150704-TRI_1486 20150704-TRI_1493 20150704-TRI_1506 20150704-TRI_1519 20150704-TRI_1525 20150704-TRI_1536 20150704-TRI_1540 20150704-TRI_1555 20150704-TRI_1562 20150704-TRI_1570 20150704-TRI_1579 20150704-TRI_1585 20150704-TRI_1593 20150711-TRI_2645 20150711-TRI_2676

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