New York


Left L.A and headed to New York. Didn’t have accommodation sorted and was lucky that my friend  Eddie Z, who runs the only T Shirt publication in the world, T World, had a place in L.E.S so i crashed there. Hit the streets and did some exploring, the sun was out and it was pretty warm. Stuck around L.E.S and Manhattan for the first day, exploring the neighbourhood and even seeing some old stickers i put up still up from my last trip to NY.


Our place was on the top level of a building overlooking L.E.S and Manhattan and was hella fancy. The best part was that it was around the corner from Chinatown and $5 wonton soups and Pho.

Ballin haha..

Really like the colour temp difference in this shot.

The block is hot.. A lady got raped in the middle of the day on our block..Not cool..

Retna killing it..

                            I need some stairs like these.

Love this shot..The movement of the ambulance in a hurry, the blurry American flag and the sharp background.

One of my favourite shots of the day.

The King Cope 2.

Chinatown is the best spot to shoot in. Busy, old and colourful.

Love this shot..

Lived on Wonton soup..

                     Ben from looks like a Raptor here.

People watching..

Really like this shot.

Love me dominates Manhattan, he gets up in all the right spots.

This dude was so wrecked he couldnt stand.

                        Rubbish weather..