Queens and Bushwick


Started off the day by heading over Queens to quickly check out some new pieces at 5 Pointz, the weather wasn’t the best so we bailed to Brooklyn. Headed over to DUMBO to shoot the amazing artist duo, Morning Breath, which will be featured at a later date. Caught up with the homies Dwyer and Casper and headed over to Bushwick, Brooklyn to check out some spots.

Dwyer makes some crazy video’s with Casper as sound man, you can check out some of their work here and Morning Breath here.

                                                Yok and Creepy repping for the Aussies.

               5 Pointz doesnt change too much but its always good to see.

                                                                          Manhattan from Queens.

                                                                         Dwyer, Casper and Eddie.

                                    Dmote goes hard in NY, always a a favourite.Bumped into him in Brooklyn after he just got back from a huge painting trip to Detroit.

                                                                                    The Homie Casper.

My favourite video from Dwyer and Casper.