Remo Software- Recovery software

Was recently approached by a company called Remo software to review their new recovery software that is available for Mac and Windows. I’ve needed data recovery done once for a paid job that decided to corrupt on my memory card. The data recovery cost about $500 and while they got most of the files back, some were missing  and it took a few weeks for the whole process. After all that, the money spent on data recovery was the pay for the job, so it was an expensive lesson learnt. So after all that I was pretty excited to try this new software that was user friendly and  no where near the price of $500.

Now down to testing.. To cut a long story short, I pretty much wiped my external hard drive clear and deleted everything off it and then cleared my recycle bin. The drive had music, photos and raw files on there. I double checked that the hard drive was empty and ran the recovery software. It only took about 10 minutes and surprisingly came back with all the files i had deleted and even older files that i had deleted weeks/months back.

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