Top 10..


So I decided this year that I would start writing abit more on my blog to give an insight into my photos a little more. It was near impossible but i did a quick scan of my favourite 100 photos from 2013 over here, and tried to pick 10 of my favourites to quickly write about.

Last year was kinda mayhem, for the last half of the year I was pretty much on a plane twice a week for work. Practically did every state in Australia at least a few times and some overseas highlights were Fiji, New Zealand and Thailand.  Even got around a few times in a private jet for a few jobs. My business is finally at a stage where I can choose which jobs suit me the best and turn down ones which might not. I’m still trying to work out exactly where I want to head as a photographer but it seems to be working itself out as time goes on and I find myself shooting with more of a purpose, rather than just for a few likes on Tumblr or Instagram. Shot a few cool rappers this year like ASAP Rocky, Action Bronson, Kid Ink, Joey Badass, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, Machine Gun Kelly and a whole bunch of others.

Excited to see where 2014 heads and I’ve already hit the ground running.

20130509-20130509-IMG_0219Neush and Christian..Fiji..

Was lucky enough to fly over to Fiji to shoot the Wedding of Neush and Christian in a 5 star resort. The morning was abit testing as it was raining and looked like the Wedding was going to be held in the chapel instead of on the beach as planned. One hour out and the chapel was locked in to go as it was still raining. About 20 minutes before the Wedding, it decided to clear up and the workers quickly set up the beach wedding, even though I had gotten prepared and done lighting tests for the Chapel. The beach set up was backlit and hard to shoot, although I quickly reevaluated the situation instead of panicking and got the shots needed. This shot here was one of many favourites from the day, but it stood out because everything seemed to fall into place. They are placed perfectly in between the pillars on both sides, they both look causal and relaxed, their bodies are in sync, the depth of field is good and separates them from the background and both their heads seem to be in unison and reflecting the Wedding that just happened, in silence and enjoying the moment.




20130526-20130526-IMG_3737Nate and Vanessa..Sydney..

This was on assignment for Lowrider Scene Magazine in the US and the Loyalty IV Life car club. Had to get some shots of his ’62 for an article on the car. I had only taken a shot like this once before, so there was a little trial and error to get it right and all the elements came together on this shot. Shot this hanging out of a car at about 60km on a main road while trying not to get other cars in the shot. I like this shot because it makes you feel like you’re there, the car is sharp and the background and road is blurred to show movement.






Shot this in Sydney with Jieskie, Slickos and Pvoke..Went down there for a few shots of Museum station and trains were still running. This tunnel stood out the most, most the tunnels down there look the same but this section had alot more character than the rest. You can see the old textures on the wall and chipped paint and actual grime. Its super dirty down there and you come out sweaty and covered in dust and grime. Over the past 5 years I’ve covered alot of the rooftops and abandoned joints in Sydney, so its nice to go run around the tunnels again for a change.



20130628-20130628-IMG_2581-EditA$AP Rocky..Sydney..

A$AP was super chilled and a nice dude, stuck around to make sure everyone got what they needed and hung out. Had to shoot a meet and greet for him at Culture Kings and pulled him aside at the end to get a few shots that turned out cool. Ended up chatting with his manager and shooting the concert for ASAP that night because he wanted photos. Sony also bought some of my framed prints for him and Ferg as well, which they gave to them as gifts which was cool.  A$AP was definitely one of the biggest new rappers in 2013 so this shot was perfect for the portfolio.




Not much to this, I just like the light and lines. Classic inner city scene with the slim buildings and bins.



Shot this of my girl in Cairns. Its part of a series I’ve been working on for a few years involving the backs of people and different backgrounds. To me this photo has perfect composition and her figure blends in well and all lines lead you to her and then the horizon of tropical water. I think I took about 20 photos and I didn’t like any of them, it was clear everything came together in one pic when I saw this one. This is the background on my phone right now.



Boring photo when you think about it, and I’ve taken a heap like this, but for some reason this one sticks out and I really like it. I love the details on the gravel and how the road seems to go on forever. I like the green and then the grade of blue in the sky. Seeing it blown up large is where it has its most effect.



This pretty much sums up my life in Melbourne. I love the place and try to get there at least 5-10 times a year. I pretty much jump straight off the plane and head to see the homie Ben from Ths Lfe, go grab some Pho then roam the streets with our cameras and crew until our feet are exhausted in the AM. This pretty much happens everyday until i fly out. It seems everyone in Melbourne smokes weed as well.  This photo was on the way home after being out for about 12 hours. I really like the light in the photo, it makes a perfect silhouette. These photos are sometimes hard, sometimes they look fake and staged, although this one I managed to snap the shutter at the right time and its clear its an in the moment action shot.

Flew to Perth for a job and had a few hours to kill by myself. They gave me a rental car and it was near sunset, so I decided to chase the sun. This was near sunset and the the sun was still up and strong, casting a super yellow colour everywhere. Composition wise, it really doesn’t follow the rules and isn’t correct, but it somehow works for me and gives the photo a certain mood. Its not always about following the rules sometimes, its about breaking them and having the photo make you feel a certain way, and this photos makes me feel warm and reminds me of summer everytime I see it.



20131202-20131202-IMG_8415New Zealand..

I’m a sucker for black and white. This photo was after 10 hours of driving after getting a midnight flight and sleeping in the car overnight. Drove to this place and there were no rooms and the closest town was a few hours back.  Managed to hustle a lodge for a room with no TV that tours stay at, $200 a night instead of the $100 rate around the other towns. Was worth it for a sunset and sunrise in this place though.